Feel What I Feel

Feel What I Feel

"Feel What I Feel" was born in 2014, few parts of artist's personal dowry donated by her mother in 2011 were used to realize it. Numerous people were involved in the creation of the piece "Bed" for a period of two months and about 200,000 pins were used. Her research shows a particular interest in the concepts of social and cultural identity, which are analyzed and observed through the installations in the interaction with an object / subject, modifying it and triggering a process of change, through which it can be re-read the object and give the viewer a variety of interpretations and the ability to interact, questioning the perceptions of common understanding. Part of the research is based on the interest in the embroiderers of Santa Caterina Villarmosa, known for its tradition in the art of embroidery. This tradition contains / belongs to a well-defined cultural class.
For the realization of the piece "Bed" the artist has published an open call addressed to all, explaining what was needed to produce the work, and inviting the volunteers in her study. About 50 among women and men took turns at different times of the day, she was able to meet, observe and document most of them. She devoted most of her research on the concept of social and cultural identity, observing as a woman and a foreigner far from her nest allowed her to see beyond her own cultural boundaries.
"Speaking about cultural identity is a quite extensive matter, also quite different from the concept of identity in general, cultural identity calls into question many elements such as the place, gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnicity…
Culture is not something that individuals possess, it is rather a social process in which individuals participate in triggering a process of change. "
The work has been installed in the XL space at Farm Cultural Park in Favara to mark the fifth anniversary. The installation consists of:
"Bed", 190x160 cm, cotton embroidered bedspread, about 200,000 needles, 2 pillows, vibrating dildo;
30 7x5cm photographs, fine art print on canson baryta paper;
1 picture 30x40cm, fine art print on canson baryta paper;
33 drawings, 15x21cm, Ink on paper;

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