This Is It: Celebration of Freedom, Uselessness and Collaboration

This Is It: Celebration of Freedom, Uselessness and Collaboration

The audience will be surprised and delighted. “This Is It”, the lively, fun Art Exhibition and performance of Freedom, Uselessness and Collaboration investigates the process of creativity and communication:

In the Performance, dancers wear white and painters wear black. White and black are polarities, and in between polarities is a spectrum of colours and tones which painters are applying to the surface of dancers. Dancers move past painters, painters move around dancers and the musical improvisation is dictating rhythms that create soundscapes for the performance. Or are the dancers creating movements that dictate the actions of the musicians. Or do the painters give life to it all. “This Is It “ is highly improvisational - emphasizing that we are always only being in This moment.

Sound is frequency, colour is frequency, movement is frequency – this performance is an attempt to harmonize these frequencies and discover what happens. Maybe while moving between polarities we find singularity, or we may create chaos, or, something radically unexpected occurs.

“This Is It” is very provocative, sacred, spiritual and Fun. It is designed so that the audience experiences the raw and unadulterated process of creativity and the absolute joy of being in the moment here and now.

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