The Fox and the Wolf: struggle for Power

"The Struggle for Power, the fox and the wolf" is a work shot in the International Conference Hall in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome. In the film the two tango dancers wear animal masks respectively wolf and fox. The two dancers move within the perimeter of the large table, where usually gather heads of state visit to Italy, with an almost defiant attitude contending somehow the space of action of its own power. The battle is then declared and open, not only between the sexes but also between the two animals as a courtship ritual come forward, alternating with each other and showing the best of their ability seductive and persuasive. A voice accompanies this duel, punctuated by a sound that highlights the tension, as if it were a conference of a scientific nature, are declined linguistically the name fox and wolf. The text is deliberately in English, to focus on the power of the dominant language par excellence and it becomes the leitmotif of this pas de deux; It refers not just to the wolves Alpha and the idea of leader of the pack, but also the famous case of Sigmund Freud, the "Wolfman" (The Wolf Man), then move on to the Brothers Grimm tale "The fox and the wolf" and it concludes with the theories on power enucleated anthropologist Eric Robert Wolf, in fact. The work by Elena Bellantoni investigating tiered concept of power within the couple's relationship and beyond. Bellantoni decide to use and transform the Tango - and usually dance where 'the man who leads and the woman follows the movements - into something else: a sudden is just the woman to lead this party game between masculine and feminine, bestiality and control, including a public-private relationship ...

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3 years ago
Patrizio Artist
Opera stupenda ed onirica!
3 years ago
SI BE Artist
Complimenti! Finale meritata
Daniël Stragier
3 years ago
Buon lavoro

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