p e n s i e r o c i r c o l a r e

p e n s i e r o c i r c o l a r e

Installation, Ideas, 300x290x300cm
Circular Thought

A vacuous polyhedron made of mathematical and perfect intersections, naturally beautiful, materializes in a complex and fascinating shape.
I imagine the human mind as a shape that does not include or exclude, but can keep inside and let flow.
I imagine a clean mind that revolves on its axis as the Earth.
Circular Thought meant as productive process of ideas directed to the development of a mental behavior able to generate a responsible consciousness towards the environment and the human being.
Knowledge, Respect, Awareness and Beauty.
These four concepts converse amongst each other’s and interact inside the Installation shaping a Circular Thought.
Knowledge represented by the books with new words added as a sign of renewal.
Respect of the harmony and silent balance of the nature.
Beauty represented by rough metal plates integrated in the structure.
Encourage our look to see the primordial beauty of what surrounds us.
Awareness represented by the light that illuminates the Installation from inside.
Individual awareness to reach a collective illumination.

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