In Conversation With You

In Conversation With You

The pieces in my project called "In Conversation With You" have been painted while in conversation with the subject: A conceptual portrait.

The Concept:
I may not ever meet you but I will "see" you and actualize "you" and manifest your inner state in this work of art through painting while in conversation/s with you by telephone or internet.
The painting I create is an insight Into your emotions, perspective, views, your sensibilities and your soul.

My work of art, created specifically for you, and about you will bring you to the place within you that is real. We are colours, movements, feelings, frequencies and energy. I listen, feel and move with you to produce a visual piece of art reflecting the YOU that vibrates innately reminding you and offering proof that you are.

I paint on canvas your "self", and create a visual representation of your heart and soul, for you to see and know, and so as not to forget.

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