Draupadi, born of fire.
Time may transform me into a goddess, but I appeared on this earth with this nubile body in human form. My five husbands are each a creature of this mortal world. I am no goddess and no knower of past births. Therefore, today on the road to death whatever I say I shall speak the truth. Grief is lessened by unburdening the heart. My faults, weaknesses, illusions…all will be exposed. If the world blames me for this, what can I say? I could not rise above mistakes and avoid false steps, perhaps that is why the road to heaven is blocked to me. Time is passing away. O God do not turn my mind and heart inert till my story is complete. Do not destroy my memory, do not give it into the hands of death. Only let me tell my story - standing at death’s door, this little I pray

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