ex voto /desiderando il desiderio /preghiera

ex voto /desiderando il desiderio /preghiera

Installation 11 ceramic heads on iron rods / audio poetry

... "Paradigmatic are in this case the "Ex Voto”, recent pottery that in being bodies or not bodies at the same time, made of earth, so as not to depart from biblical or demiurgic comparisons but also related to that of the silence of the body. The body is silent, but does not agree. The body produces noise, but does not speak, does not dominate the language, but actually is dominated by language.... The body in art is silent, its forms speak, its ancestral memories, it is able to put in motion something supra-individual, that belongs to us, but we have forgotten.... "

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Carlo  Solidoro
3 years ago
bellissima opera!
Marieke Kruger
4 years ago
Congratulations with a beautiful artwork!
Waldemar Dabrowski
4 years ago
Very interesting...!

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