Pick-up Line

Pick-up Line

Pick-up Line is an interactive media-art installation that can best be described as a tiny callcenter. Pick-up Line is designed to tear down the borders that prevent you from making friends with the strangers that pass you by every day.

Nowadays, people can be pretty preoccupied with their phones, tablets and computers, and sometimes it is easy to forget that there is this whole world out there with real people, that can enrich your lives, if you would just pay attention.

Internet and social media have extended our possibilities for making friends and keeping in touch with them, but a piece of technology that you carry around all the time can also be a burden that restricts your attention and prevents you from really enjoying the moment.

Pick-up Line consists of eight small colored rooms in a grid. Every room has a phone in it. When you pick up the phone, another one of the phones rings. When someone else picks up that phone, you can talk to eachother. If you hang up the phone and pick it up again, another phone starts ringing.

Because you cannot see the person you are talking to and this person cannot see you, it is much easier to get comfortable talking to a stranger, so it feels as safe as being behind your computer, or communicating on your phone. The big difference is, that when you would like to meet the other person afterwards in real life, this is instantly possible.

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