Operette vegetali

Operette vegetali

Installation, Still life, Nature, 500x500x5cm
A multitude of small boxes, similar to ancient herbals. An installation that emphasizes the beauty of the everyday: thin stems, herbs, small wildflowers arranged as precious objects of nature to cherish and preserve to remind us of our own fragility. Small perfectly formed full of life that over the months will dry up leaving only a faded memory of their beauty.
Plants that, as minimum and invisible to most, allow us their oxygen.
Reflection range is simple: we can not survive without a single blade of grass.
The vegetation, even the most "miserable" that grows on roadsides, grants us your own oxygen.

The installation will be designed in situ in the location of the exhibition to better adapt to the available space. The final design formed by the boxes will be decided as a result of an inspection in the days dedicated to the creation of the work.
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