This installation clearly refers to Pantelleria gardens and also to Sicilian baglio, to the farmyards of different parts of Italy, or to those of the riads in Maghreb and to the orangeries , all places where a tree is always protected by the winds and warmed by the walls around it keeping the solar heat during the day to release it at night.
These are demostrations of the human ability to be involved in the language of Nature, being able to create an emphatic relationship with it. So to represent exactly the opposite direction to the town invasion and destruction.
This installation has a metaphorical value (the life circle of Nature and its energy) and also a message that motivates to preservation of Nature, to respect it, as well as to respect of ourselves (as human beings ) and of our own cultural identity.
Tools and materials.
Wooden supporting structure and panels.
Citrus tree or sugar canes
Pattern where black is the prevailing colour
It is likely to give possibility to go inside and through the garden. The installation should be strictly related to the place of its collocation; so dimension, plant and pattern choice may vary according to an internal or external set.

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Andrea Ciresola
4 years ago
Davvero interessante! Bravo...
Nanouk Reicht
4 years ago
Nanouk Reicht Art lover
Bello !

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