Il carnaio/odissea

Il carnaio/odissea

This painting depicts a group of migrants crammed on top of each other in a boat, some exhausted by fatigue, others dead.
A situation that is repeated more and more often lately.
Migrants drowned in the sea or asphyxiated in the hold of a barge is news that almost no longer news as it became part of our daily lives.
I titled this painting "The carnage / odyssey" taking up the work done by Picasso in 1944 - 1945 and named after its "The carnage".
This painting was a pile of corpses, human bodies piled on top of one another ( images made notorious by documentaries shot since the end world war II ) all made by Picasso in painting in the style with which he realized previously the most famous "Guernica".
I immediately saw a similarity between these two images, including the work of Picasso and newspaper photos from which i took my job.
Of course, today there is a schedule of suppression as in the time of the Nazis, but rather a widespread indifference to the European level of a problem that has now a global reach, mitigated in part by a recent awakening of consciousness on the part of the states of the Union European.

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