>I see it occasionally.

>I thought of calling the police, but I have no obligation to, and their policing of bicycles and whatnot makes them a perpetual nuisance, so I didn't in the end.

>There's this snotty police officer with a Tohoku drawl sometimes shouting "Oi!" if you don't stop briefly before turning left at the intersection or whatever.
I really want to say get lost back to where you came from in the country.

>Should first of all realize how bad your own behavior is, you scum.

>They were policing the bicycles along Nakano-Dori today.
Those old trouts who ring their bells on the sidewalk can shove off and die.

>They should fully clamp down on those bicycles.

>Just shut up! Nothing but scum, how dare you talk smack to us humans with your big attitude.

>Does anyone use the training room at a rec center?
What's it like?
Is it a lot better than paying heaps for a gym membership, since you can still get a decent workout?

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Suzan a1qq Hijab
4 years ago
Very funny for night sleep
"Those old trouts who ring bells Their on the sidewalk can shove off and die."

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