Watercolor, Feelings, 73x103x1cm
In this blend of image and imagination, the figure of the seer emerges combining reality and fantasy, history of Art and enigma. These female characters charged with an aura of unreality are in debt with Ingres's bathers and odalisque, as well as with those mediums and women excessively devoted to the saints found in Cuba and everywhere.
The seer is a figure of moral force, associated to the ideal, to purity. Almost always appears in open landscapes, reaffirming her connection to the cosmic. She has the ability to predict and healing powers. she always wears a turban able to change quickly colours and motifs like a chameleon. She has a long neck and her eyes are big, gray bluish with double iris. She often stands near a fountain because of the symbolic charge that this combination represent. The seer projects her visions on the water and on mirrors.

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Mattia Panato
4 years ago
Mattia Panato Artist
fantastico il senso del colore... ma UNICO nella linea.
4 years ago
SI BE Artist
Complimeti ! opera molto bella
Ernesto Jorge Ferriol  Perez
4 years ago
Thank you all very much! Iam working hard to reach the goal!
Milena Bocchiola
4 years ago
Meraviglia! Bravo!

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