Reflecting on Oedipus (First and second drawing of triptych)

Reflecting on Oedipus (First and second drawing of triptych)

These drawings form part of a triptych that explores the self reflected in and through the other - in this case it consists out of a multi-layered reflection in the subject matter of these portraits. These portrait drawings could therefore be regarded as a psychological and spiritual study of the self.

The subject matter being explored is the character of “Oedipus” from the Greek myth entitled “Oedipus, the King”. Furthermore, these portrait studies are depictions of a white, street person and an acquaintance of mine with a schizophrenic nature. In conversation with him (during one of his lucid moments) he told me his life story and all about his previous life of seeming prosperity and well-being and how he eventually ended up becoming a street person and drug addict.

These portraits explore the notion of “sight” and “seeing” versus “blindness” and the human tendency towards “self deception”, which, according to the Greek myth, is also rooted in pride. These drawings explore the notions of “confronting one’s own, true condition”, “truly recognizing” and “coming to know” one’s condition on all levels, but especially those “unseen” aspects – in the eventual progression towards the transformation of an inward condition. These drawings explore the idea of being and becoming towards a new state or condition, a new situation or state of being.

Concluding, the above mentioned notions are also explored through the drawing process itself as well as the material used. A combination of different materials are used, such as charcoal, rust powder and embossed words that function as unseen “lines” that form part of the actual drawing and which also plays with the idea of “blindness” versus “seeing”.

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