Four Cardinals

Four Cardinals

“Four Cardinals” is an abstract artwork. 
Magenta red and primary yellow shine brightly on the background, textured with grey shades. In the middle of the painting, color paths cross each others and create a play of light and sparkle. A red spot arises from the bottom and encircles the four rings placed at the sides of the board. The dynamic painting creates a way, moving from the inside from the outside: it metaforically represents human route toward purposes. These purposes are surrounded by red lines: they have just been reached.
At the core of the painting, colors become stronger. The artwork is like a map seen from above: it symbolizes stasis and inability to decide.
This painting is a reflection about the time humans have during theire lives: it is very much if related with opportunities.
Four Cardinals mean four directions: choosing the way, making mistakes, reaching aims and changing them.

Edited by Claudia Becchimanzi



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