Video, Memory, Emotion, 2:10
Dialectic tension characterizes this work. It is an open debate in several languages, in which words play a key role. An exploration of feelings through speech and vision. A dialogue that is between here and there.

A disturbing string of hypnotic and ambiguous images project an unrecognizable environment. The setting represents my mood and my state of mind with the intention of blending the space and the atmosphere with the viewer. The background sound of dropping water sets the pace and rhythm. The overlapping voices enter and exit the scene with varied intensity. The artist shares with the spectator the sensations that the listening and the imagery produce. This experience triggers a strong empathy and an interactive reaction.

The story leads the observer to read my mind, my barriers and my paranoia. A psychoanalytic session or a therapeutic ritual that penetrates deeply within the unconscious psychic states discovering our darker and hidden fears. A visitation into the realm of our taboos.

An intimate piece that awakens the senses and examines our profoundly embedded conflicts and traumas. A study of codes and cultural limits that all societies determine and impose on us as well as our own prohibitions and blocks. Considerations that aim to make visible and tangible what we don't see...our hypocritical behavior.

In the end there is a form of redemption, both spiritual and mental, which allows us to confront our fears and our barriers and move ahead. "It's gonna be ok".

The video projection is directed towards the junction between two walls in order to highlight the duality of content within the work. The speakers are placed at different points through out the space surrounding the viewer with sound.

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Anna Di Leo
4 years ago
Anna Di Leo Artist
Molto bello Patricia, di grande empatia. Insomma, "dritto al cuore", brava!
Vittorio Pasotti
4 years ago

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