ID is an attempt to put together pieces of a fragmented identity. A deep survey that research thread intimate, in which the other is the mirror to redefine themselves and rebuild what we are made of. The disease, the physical transformation, we try not to make them be a taboo in our society, however there are many subtle things around these themes, which are still, for their difficulty to be expressed. Trauma is the taboo for who experience it and can't nominated it. Its processing slow and difficult leaves legacies for a long time even when the wounds have healed, the disease removed. Our identity has undergone a shock, it is fragile and different. Our body: an intimacy to be rebuilt. The sharing, the closeness with who face the same way, becames mirror necessary to recognize themself, in a protected space in which to accept what happens. Starting from the concrete experience of the disease, taking me beyond the specific situation, in this work, I went looking for the feeling of loss, existential ragmentation, that accompanying every identity that has suffered a trauma.

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