How surprised by an indiscreet camera, Franco Battiato leans inside the iconic space Sebastiano Magnano, scrutinizing what is outside, the world of the disasters that afflict our time. The writing of the fund shall protest graffiti scarring wanted on false cleaning whited sepulchres.
Magnano is sensitive to the third millennium poetic, those relating to the last, the illegal, immigrants, the different, the discriminated. Yet the sun rises for everyone and the earth flowers and fruits to every creature. Creation is the place dedicated to those who had the life, is the space of expression of anyone who has received the heartbeat of the earth. His painting is against selfishness and raise high the banner of solidarity under which politics and the economy should find expression.
Magnano listening depicts the lament of the past and its brushwork becomes champion of the helpless, without the Fatherland, the seekers of love and acceptance.

Paolo Giansiracusa

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Teresa Palombini
4 years ago
Bel lavoro!!

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