One mile long sea | Un mare lungo un miglio

One mile long sea | Un mare lungo un miglio

One mile long sea is a narrow canal, 1 nautical-mile long, in a public park in the town of Rimini, to receive marine water from the adjacent sea. It is meant to be a symbol of the possibility to adapt to (and not to fight) sea level rise. Rise linked mainly to climate change, which cause the park to be flooded every year more frequently. One mile long sea is a thread which gently sew land and sea, creating a rare and precious ambient, a marine garden, in the a heart of a city.

One nautical mile (1852 metres), a unit of measure commonly used at sea, well known in the Rimini's maritime culture, here is provocatively used on mainland to reinforce the concept.

One mile long sea is also a citation to the Mile Drawings traced by Walter De Maria in the 60s, and its shape recall the Isolated Mass by Michael Heizer. Yet it is not conceived in the desert but in a town and it will evolve in time: in addition to the excavation of the canal, saltmarshes development will be supported (through seeds and/or transplant). Many marine animals (like fish, crabs, shelfish...) and wildfowl will be naturally attracted by this work. And people, of course!
The project is currently under feasibility study for its realization

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