Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank are Belgian visual artists, performers and videographers. Humor, transformation and power are the key elements of their art practice. Operating as ‚Trojan Horses’, they build upon recognizable forms from everyday life to communicate through their altered / mutated versions of object and actions. Doing so, their young oeuvre consists bubbling oil barrels, an arsenal of 400 scrap wooden guns, mutated peace pigeons, a selection of personalized WHEY products, etc.

In 2015 they've build a small wooden suitcase with an unfoldable message, containing the 'mantra': GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD. With the help of facebookfriends, they translate this message in the local languages of all the countries that they are visiting. R&F F&R share the believe that by reading the message, some good will be send out, straight into the universe and actually create positive changes in the world.

The GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD case is unique, it is a living thing, that can not be put away in a ‚lifeless’ whitecube… So, F&R decided that they needed to step into the real world -and try to evoke the change themselves. F&R R&F activate the suitcase in a public space: they have to unpack the ‚accordeon’ system inside and unfold the mantra. This is the actual performance. It looks a little bit clumsy, as the two artists are both to short to open the message. So Frank has to lift Robbert. Doing so they can finish the installation. When finished they briefly shake hands, based on the famous posing moments of royalties or statesmen.

Check the dedicated blog: http://www.frankenrobbert.com/blog/

The uploaded video file is a changing thing. R&F F&R are visiting new places. They are going where their art practice is taking them: a residency in China, an assigment in Holland, a performance in Norway, etc. All these journeys are reasons to take the suitcase with them and present their message for a new nation. All this new generated input is documented and will be merged with the existing video, creating an ever lasting (and changing) loop. Doing so, F&R R&F, might never finish their naive Sisyfus labor.

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