astronomy-rules for economy-challenges   -   gravitation vs. speed = Newton vs. Einstein = Keynesianism vs. Liberalism

astronomy-rules for economy-challenges - gravitation vs. speed = Newton vs. Einstein = Keynesianism vs. Liberalism

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(Behind of each of the exposed pictures there is a story you may read on / blog comparing astronomy-rules with our political/economical world).

The vision behind my researches was the development of (strategic) models to optimize the Wealth of Nations via optimizing Macro-, Micro- and Company-Strategies.

The origin of this idea resulted from the facts, that

+ none of the existing Economy-Theories could provide a solution to the actual challenges

+ the „real“ economy was increasingly suffering from misleading political decisions – and

+ there was no company-strategy-method able to incorparate the increased variabilities

The planed rute was to find a system in an absolute different sector, which functioned better and more persistant than our actual economy – and which rules could be transfered.

The sector persisting longest (13.8 billion years) and most successful (actually growing faster than ever before) is the universe. The challenge now was to find a way to possibly transfer its rules to a new economy-model. As in 1758 Francois Quesnay was avarded with a Nobel-Prize for his idea of transfering human blood-circles towards economy goods- and money-cirles, I, as well due to my economy-study, felt sure to be able to create the 2nd physiocratic model.

In order to develop a „safe“ economy-model I decided to consider the aspects of PEST(EL) (Political, Economical, Society, Technological, Ecological and Legal aspects) within the SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Oprtunities and Threats) strategy – and to verify the plausibility of most aspects within each part (book) of my findings by comparisons with reality.

Soon I realized, I needed to get deeper insights of rules, forces and dimensions of the universe. An astrophysician and mathematician friend of mine, whom I met when being a member at the Flamsteed Astronomy Society, London, helped me understand a lot of technical aspects.

Parallel to upgrading my know-how, my first book (1) Astronomic Solutions - A New Model of Universe (ISBN: 978-0-9930836-0-0) appeared - before the originally first planed book with the economy-model. And although it has a TECHNICAL focus, for me, it was interesting to experience, that as well our „rational“ technology is relative – and can be as "political" as the differences between economy models like Monetarists and Keysians. Even today there are 20,000 Newtonists trying to disprove Einsteins findings. As the truth mostly lies in between of two extremes I researched and invented a solution which unified both theories in one dimension: Energy. For this I relativated Einstein by extrapolating Newton via correlating their formula-findings. I needed this result to be allowed by plausibility to apply the technical/astronomical rules to the planed economical formulas of my model

Motivated by these first successes I complemented my original Model and focused on the development of one side („Liberalism“ / Own-Dynamics // Einstein), but without ignoring the other extreme („Centralism“ / Gravitation // Newton). The second book was generated: (2) Astron-Economic-Solutions – A New Model of Economy (ISBN: 978-0-9930836-3-1). Here I developed my economy-model, which can be reduced to a simple formula. The plausibility-checks as well resulted very positive.

However, I finalized the second book with a main dissatisfaction: I had not found an equivalent for the extreme volatile and fragile human mental-construction of „money“. Time was running away – until I asked myself, why not „time“ might be a solution for my challenges. Behind something as misterious as time, there must be a solution for one or another aspect. But when typing „time“ in Google, at „pictures“ 99,9% of them are just clocks. And even Steven Hawking writes about time: … time, WHATEVER that may be…

Therefore, in my third book, (3) AstronTimeOnomy Solutions - A new Model for Humanity (ISBN 978-0-9930-836-4-8) I added some TECHNICAL researches to my prior ideas oft he first book – and succeed in developing a formula for time deviated from existing and verified formulas.

Time now no longer was a second string as an auxiliary means to measure velocity (mph) or distances (lightyears away). Time now advances to be the 5th original dimension (parallel to the 3 room-dimensions (right/left, front/back, up/down) and the 4th, the roomtime.

Time, in my findings, is as relative as matter, energy and/or room – and therefore useable as an alternative to e.g. gold, as a new currency. I developed TIME, a time-currency with a stronger basement as the current money-currencies.

TIME works perfect within the model of my 2nd book and as well in this third SOCIETY-ECONOMY oriented book.

In the last book as well LEGAL and ECOLOGICAL aspects were considered.

PEST(EL), nevertheless, only helped to stabilize the developed model concerning „external aspects“ . Pestel only focus on the „O“ and „T“ (Opportunities and Threats) of the generalistic SWOT-analyses. The „S“ Strengths and „W“ Weaknesses are „internal aspects“ and these differ between all countries and companies – and provide the chance to differenciate and profil towards an own way. First ideas are exposed in this 3rd book.

Within the 4th book of this tetralogy all findings of the first three books will be used to improve and incorporate the „internal aspects“ („S“ and „W“ of the SWOT-analyses).

My thoughts, when developing these models, were orbiting the initial findings in almost wider circuits, expanding from discovery to discovery. The same way as universe expands. In the same way, as the step by step or the consensus strategy (a lot of own and other´s ideas converged within time). With these books the basis for a continuous growth on earth, similar to that growth of universe was layed. The rest in my opinion, is a political minimum: the maximum of liberty for each individual and company. Each citizen and company shoud be allowed to run its own way - as Einstein discovered 100 years ago, to be the way of stars and planets. Since then Newton is disproved: the orbits of the planets do not depend on the gravitation of their star. 100 years after Einstein´s discoveries it would be of great value for the Wealth of Nations if those centralistic-oriented politicians would at least partly align their acting to Einstein´s findings.

These 3 books initiate several paradigm-shifts compared to actual economy-theories:

Developed the 2ndmodern Physiocratic-Economy-Theory after Francois Quesnay (1758)

Developed the 1steconomy theory no longer (mainly) relying on money (as exchange-medium), but on fixed amounts of time-units, TIME. By doing so, relativizing all existing models, as Quesnay, (Neo)Classics, Monetarists, Marxists, Keynesians …

This is the 1st economy-model at all, turning around the mainly “working against extrinsic forces (e.g. energy and time)” - into “working with intrinsic forces (e.g. energy and TIME)” - with a sounder standing as the actual (virtual-)money and capital-models.

In the 4th book I am developing strategies to use above mentioned economy-theory ideas as well for business management and development, company strategy, operations management.

It´s a peaceful revolution as it preserves all values and properties.

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