Installation, Travels, Nude, Nature, Landscape, 2000x2000x2000cm
Work in process
Sailing the Arctic is the experience I’m basing my current work on. Its nature is honest, violent, beautiful, beyond human intellectualizations, unquestionably alive yet, so vulnerable. Its silence exposes one to the smallest vibration of life, shifting one perception of being. One can watch walrus, walk among the bare bones of forgotten whalemans or stumble across seal gasping in pain, trap in trash a plastic rope that had cut into its flash. So much trash.

In view of my Arctic Circle Residency I had carefully planed “Occupy North”, a series of performance, legal action and land occupation of the UN’s Arctic territories mocking the phenomena of “Arctic land rush”, land appropriation and land rights of the UN’s Arctic territories by corporations and bordering nations.

However, the more exposed to the arctic I was, the less I cared about “I”.
Ironically, “Occupy North” is centered on the concept of “ownership” and “I”.

“I” such a cry for attention.
”I” reminded me of that deadly plastic or those forgotten bones.

That’s when the Arctic broke me.
What broke me was a piece of Ice, inviting me to strip of all conceptualized thoughts to feel with my body.
Laying naked on the ice, concentrating on breathing, on ice texture, on thundering pops of glaciers and on bells like sounds of iceberg gently hitting one-another, I was finally there, here in the Arctic, focused, vulnerable, honest with myself.

”I” want my work to be like the Arctic.
Of an honesty , power and beauty that just is; without the “I”.

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