Twisted Buttons

Twisted Buttons

We are ripping apart, the world is a chaotic place of ever changing directions. We're ripping the buttons off and throwing away control.

Using minimalist, cubist, geometric abstraction to convey meaning. Dex Hannon creates thoughtful, linear works that at first may seem obtuse. Random landscapes that fall apart or create a battle of foreground and background. Part of the Chaos Agri-Culture Series. So there you have this painting, part of the Chaos Agri-Culture Series of paintings.

Painted in two styles. The background is Abstracted whilst the foreground is treated geometrically. This is a mixed media original painting created using Acrylic paint and molotow markers.

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Dex Hannon
4 years ago
Dex Hannon Artist, Photographer, Painter
thank you Rudolf!
Rudolf Lichtenegger
4 years ago
Great work, and great meaning behind it!!!!

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