study on social interaction

study on social interaction

This study on social interaction is an ensemble of sub-interaction which consequently shapes the whole.
The whole is affected by each single element, as is each single element by the whole.
This is not a moral piece of work and does not even depict a more or less natural type of behavior, with which we live every day and that often overwhelms us without leaving us the time to realize it.
The title of this painting could also very well be “The Festival of Insignificance” just like Kundera’s book, it shows a play put together only by us, which exists only in our heads, it also shows the results of the encounter between people’s egos.
The strength of this subject resides in the fact that even being intangible and unreal, it can shape the exterior and our life in practical ways.
There is a priest in a corner of this room, he carries a suitcase, he is standing there almost as if he is being punished for something, this doesn’t symbolize any anti-church thoughts but rather a common spiritual condition and a pride towards atheism, believed by some to be a sign of sharpness and intelligence.
On the other side of the room there are two people having a conversation, one of them psychologically pierces the other one, just like it happens sometimes to a person that is brought for a different reason to hurt another, if this is natural and unavoidable or not i don’t know but probably some are as others are not.
Otherwise the piercing figure could also be the one without all these mental superstructures so the effect is that he reveals a freedom and a way of seeing the world to the other one that he never thought about and to which now he aspires.
Below these two there is a woman who is sitting on the ground, whose eyes are completely empty and lost, she holds to her character as a habit but without any reason anymore or a path to follow. After only perceiving the nature of the ground she was standing on, without any light seen at the end of the tunnel she just fell in and with the light behind her shoulder that is turning flat and gray.
In the middle of the painting there is a table, which is commonly a place of meeting, a psychological martyrdom is taking place, the man on the blue stool is deeply shaken by the aggressive attack and by the situation that he is facing, a complete misalignment between what he thinks is right and what he has in front of him.
For the people sitting with him there is nothing more inconceivable than his perception and that is the reason why the situation is going in this direction.
You can read in their eyes the superficiality of awareness that they have of their actions and what they understand of what happens, they are driven by instincts that are born from the mother of all these things: fear.
At that time in that feeling, regarding all of them, there is a world, THE world and there is life.

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Giovanni Maria Ciocca
1 year ago
Very interesting

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