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In Western world we are caught up in our routines, focusing mostly on our everyday activities, rather than on things happening outside our lives, not mentioning events in other countries. We prefer to ignore politics, practicing some sort of escapism by drowning ourselves into our mode of life. War is seamless, too far away for us to be empathetic about those who stay on the ground that is being attacked by technology operated bombers. By showing these three parts of the work, - 4 b/w cctv recordings of people in the streets, the video consisting of flashing enumeration of daily activities, and, finally a tiny projection of a fragment from a video of Syria bombing, that has been broadcasted on Russian television, I wanted to create a certain hierarchy that exists in the Western world. Black and white aesthetics of the videos suggests a certain distance, almost dryness of the work, but, paradoxically enough, the juxtaposition of the videos, as well as a certain photographically beautiful images of bombing (which, if to put a thought in it, is quite disturbing itself) adds a certain poetic feeling to it; it becomes almost a poetic observation. I see this act of passive escapism as a reflection of our psychological defense against traumatic experience, such as war and catastrophes. But we can't fully escape from it, in fact, and no matter how one is trying to focus on their lives, war is being a little projection somewhere in the corner of our minds.

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Sofya Belousova
4 years ago
please see the whole showreel here:

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