Print, Plants , Ideas, Fantasy / Visionary, Engraving, 40x30cm
Sugar lift process, soft-ground, etching on Fabriano Rosaspina paper. 30 x 40 cm.

The organic realm is rather complex and encapsulates a vast array of beings, both animal and vegetal.
I focused my attention on plants and their universe, investigating the shape and structure of such organisms that seem to be equipped with a primordial aesthetic canon which has remained unaltered over time. It's no wonder that they are some of the longest-living creatures on our planet.
Therefore, stemming from a document analysis on the vegetal domain (from plants to microorganisms), I started to transpose the various components on the printing matrix: presented in a dreamlike fashion, they are floating inside an indefinite space where emptiness prevails.
In doing so, the alternation and collocation of these elements inspire a constant rhythm that emerges and permeates the whole composition.

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