C'era una volta il lavoro

C'era una volta il lavoro

"Once upon time the time the work" is the title of a painting with whom i attended the Celeste Prize in 2013.
Today, i decided to develop this theme with a new series of works having as base images found on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines in almost three years.
The question today is as timely as ever and discussed.
In fact, as early as 1995 Jeremy Rifikin with the book titled "The end of the work", he prefigured more or less gloomy scenarios about the future of employment, the job as we had always intended.
The argument was that many people would be excluded from the production cycle as the victims of a technological innovation that replaces human labor with machines in many of the global economy sectors.
Today the work is increasingly precarious, fragmented and often poorly paid and machines or robots have in many cases already replaced the man.
On the one hand this can also be seen as a positive development, which freed the man from the most strenuos and repetitive tasks, but the impact of automation and technology is now in danger of affecting even mid-level white-collar professions.
According to some studies the work in the future will be increasingly linked to education, knowledge and creativity and thus for the benefit of a few and to the detriment of the many that make up the most significant part of the population.
In fact hard to think that everyone can access a university education or who can relocate to a labor market that requires higher and higher and specific kills.
It remains creativity, bulwark still not affected by technology, the so called artificial intellinge.
But perhaps it would be fair to ask : how long ?
It seems there already computer programs to write newspaper articles and some have already speculated in the future without automated newsroom journalists, although no one knows who is beneficial in the end all this.
A change of this magnitude would certainly not painless for the human race and maybe, in the future we do not know if and how far, the future generations will be told, a little as in a fairy tale : "Once upon a time the work...".

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