In my work I am exploring the difference between space and place, painting non-places which despite having no anthropological value have come to define society now. They could be seen as sites we experience rather than see, urban or decrepit they are places that we forget to look at, because we see them every day we then only see the aspect necessary to particular task or action. Shopping centres, airports, stations, roads and tunnels are all examples of this however here a passage is depicted.
Evaluating everyday places that we accept rather than look at, I want to question whether the rise in the value of space has led to a drop in the worth of place, a space/place value paradox. Scientifically space can be mapped and organised however place will have different boundaries for certain individuals. Space and place often merge however as what begins as undifferentiated space becomes place as one begins to know it better and stows value. I want to make places out of areas commonly seen as spaces so that it is possible to focus on a particular section of space. I have reduced the detail in the image and painted in monochrome colours as I want the viewer to be able to focus on the structure of the space whilst enabling them to project what is depicted back on to places they associate with and see daily.

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