Life and death are a carnival

Video, Political / Social, Birth, Death, Short film, 4:57
Sometimes life seems like a series of random events.
Only death creates a sense of continuity and intensity.
The sliding images make each one of us a centre of observation where the tragic and the comic side are blended.
Very often the roles blend together and behind the masks and the symbols the soul of carneval moves.
A soul which dances and plays without identity, involves or estranges, aggregates or dissolves, resembling a joyful tragic joke.
In several ancient myths the orgy of masks represented the chaos before the cosmogony.
In this way the characters behind which the human actions hide get a meaning, by admitting a rebirth, an order restored and then again the disguise, by confusing life and death and making boundaries ephemeral, up to the point where space and time, light and darkness get confused in a sequence of events where the game, hard to be recognized, remain the only leitmotif.

Original music played and composed by Davide Flores.
Video making and video editing by Davide Flores
The video contains digital works and paintings by Davide Flores

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Maristella  Angeli
3 years ago
Maristella Angeli Premium Artist, Painter
Molto toccante!

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