sparkling bubbles for Coca-Cola

sparkling bubbles for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has updated its classic icon - the Heritage Glass - the modern interpretation of a Coca-Cola glass, designed by innovative designer Thomas Meyerhoffer. After the new release at Colette, the famous boutique in Paris, Coca-Cola has released its new icon in Tokyo, together with an art installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux.

The installation "sparkling bubbles" uses 800 acrylic transparent spheres bringing the experience of the bubbles and sparkles of freshly poured Coca-cola. Small air bubbles are locked inside in each sphere, which appears as if the bubbles are floating in the air.
These spheres are dyed in delicate shades of 34 different colors chosen specially for this installation.
The reflection of lights and the layers of colors create a spellbinding moment, capturing the magic of the drink. The installation changes its expression seeing from different angles, which is the interpretation of the personal emotions from drinking Coca-Cola.

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