Firebergs’08 Hot|as|ice

Firebergs’08 Hot|as|ice

The work is a search through the opposite conception of reality. I used it as a negative point of view, to transmit heat through the ice: the cracks of the glaciers become the volcano cracks, water expanses become incandescent lands. The dissolution already contains in itself the concept of heat and that is why when we look at things always from the same view, we accustom our eyes and our thoughts to resignation and not to reflection and development of imagination and creativity that may be necessary to things themselves. Even their understanding.
The photographic reversal from positive to negative does not change the state of things: the water remains water and ice as well. In these images there is not a solution to the environmental problem, but the relationship between the daily experience with the essential element, the water, and the concept of change through its transformation so that the path of our thoughts can create the energy required to all humanity to make everyone a little effort and partake in supporting scientific solutions.

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