On the beach (Adorno)

On the beach (Adorno)

Painting, Philosophy, Nature, Ideas, Human figure, Ink, 60x42x0.5cm
On the Beach by Zoran Poposki is a series of 80+ post-conceptual drawings of philosophers, artists, and writers sunbathing by the seaside, based on found photographs.
By presenting cultural icons in a moment of both leisurely idleness as well as of corporeal display and performance in front of other bodies, the series aims to explore the incongruity of mind and flesh inherent to this moment. At the same time, it is an exploration into the affective dimensions of the beach as a space of phenomenological bodily sensibility.
On the Beach features: Theodore Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Jacques Lacan, Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann, Virginia Woolf, Jackson Pollock, and others.
The series has recently been featured in The Guardian newspaper chosen by Tate curator Flavia Frigeri.

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