The secret

The secret

Painting, Human figure, Acrylic, 65x80x3cm
My attention is mainly focused on how we have changed our way to perceive things by living so closely with technology. Some of our brain areas are activated only through multimedia imagines and devices which have become capable of switching our feelings on and off. We can talk not only about ‘symbiotic relationship’ but also about self-feeding, as a need to gain emotional satisfaction only through virtual interactions.Our relationships normally need means of communication capable to fill in the gaps left among interpersonal relationships. Our senses are getting more and more anesthetized and are progressively being replaced by purely cerebral needs, where everything could be satisfying only if created in an artificial way. The common symbolism towards the concepts of male and female is progressively being replaced by a view of more and more hybrid humans. In such a view the different sensibilities which used to differentiate sexes are not regarded as genre peculiarities anymore. Objects which are today more and more sought after represent contemporary symbols and together with the past symbols could help us to recreate a fragmentary identity in which each element has got its own collocation according to its shape and meaning. Those objects often substitute what we should get from our affective interactions as human beings. In so doing they acquire an extraordinary power and meaning. In my works a dialogue with the past is a common feature I usually express through symbolic elements and an-often evocative color aiming to tell something about us we have apparently lost up with an increasing common indifference.

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