Sans Titre

Sans Titre

Installation, Philosophy, Wood, 366x213x400cm
Maurice Blaussyld
Sans titre, 2008/2009/2010
Work in two parts, 1987/
213.3 x 366.7 x 10.4 cm
Oak, ammonia

Maurice Blaussyld
Sans titre, 2008/2009/2010
Work in two parts, 1998/
141.6 x 104.6 x 81.3 cm
Okoume, poplar, black alkyd resin, pigments

“Here, the illusion of a wall, articulated architectonically, renders the scissions sublime, these empty spaces between analogy and difference that thus transform vision, itself not able to show them as anything but repetition.
From metamorphosis to metamorphosis, a growing unity evolves, welling up until it arrives at its origin and reveals itself as the indeterminate that engenders the One.
Here the tangible form, percieved as ‘image’, ‘object’, ‘silence’, ‘sound’, does not show the world, or let it be heard, nor is it hidden; it is the apparition of a perceivable world and the camber of its unknownness and unknowability, as well as life.
Here, forces exist beyond any form of accomplishment, any installation or any thing brought into the world.
“Here”, also signifies the revelation of a being; senses in all that is sense-ible in their transmission and transparency, things of a pure nature, across all presence as absences, silences as voice, infinitely existing in their becoming.
No rehearsals, rather a rigour pushing as best it can to reach, in an obsessive will to perfection, unlimited, in the vast expanse; the formation of the non occurence, an un-created force of the pre-world. Here, an indistinct celestial body, indeterminate, manifests itself in the process of its emergence.
Infinity in its grandeur, like un-creation, is the form eternally living and borne of the infinite itself. As it is with the being, the pre-origin, it surges forth from dire boredom, solitude and silence.
Metamorphoses, as subtle and and raw as they are, are the magnified sign of this form; the incessant cry that substitutes itself with all geometries, with all art, in a senseless cycle offering its testimony.”

Maurice Blaussyld
June 1st 2016

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