mini quadreria gotica

mini quadreria gotica

Painting, Portrait, Political / Social, Death, Philosophy, Mixed technique, 150x100x6cm
altarpiece vary in size, consisting of 12 pictures with antique frames.
The work is a collection of studies and personal reflections, with different techniques, on the Gothic painting subject:
"Fly", graphite on moleskine paper, 9 x 12.
"Self-portrait in the spoon With a halo", acrylic, graphite and silver point on paper, 9 x 18.
"Omnia vanitas", acrylic, silver point, bitumen, graphite on wood, 31 x 42.
"Flemish self-portrait", oil on copper, 40 x 49.
"Abstract", oxide and wax on copper, 15 x 10.
"Portrait # 1", oil on copper, 10 x 15.
"Portrait #2", oil on cardboard, 10 x 15.
"Portrait #3", oil on cardboard, 10 x 15.
"Portrait #4", oil on cardboard, 25 x 25.
"Vanitas #1", bologna plaster, bitumen, silver tip, the tip of lead on paper, 13 x 18.
"Vespasian in red", oil on copper, 13 x 18.
"Vanitas #2", oil on skin, 25 x 25.

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