I started the ‘participants’ series while living in London and finding myself immerse in a multicultural society, and witnessing how people reacts to different media influences.
The series are not only painting and other 2D work but video and installation, as well as performance with in the audience.
A brief description of the series below
The ‘Participants’ are fictional characters in a visually storytelling format, each individual has a story to tell, and all are united in a larger account.
The ‘Participants’ series investigates the influence of everyday news, internet blogs, word of mouth or overheard discussions, and the resulting behavior of each character.
Each character represents a typical group in society of a dense populated and ethnically diverse city; trying to emphasize the hidden ideas of the overlooked reality.

Playing with what we perceive through the media and our understanding of the world around us plus our own idiosyncrasies and linking directly to the way we think, we can compare the different ideas and beliefs people have based, and are placing on their own understanding due to their experiences and how they are being influenced.

Some can be staggeringly different, presenting disagreement or conflict, with the current portraits of my works offering the viewer each individuals beliefs as an overall view of the situation.

These paintings are about seeing life and it’s present-day influences from all points of view and try to have a general understanding, not trying to find a solution to any problem but rather recognize in a tolerant way in order to think in a more harmonious co-existence.

Is a story that appears in different scenarios and with different protagonists, a story that has a clear development of events and an inevitable consequence?.

Is it intended, that ‘The Participants’ draw attention to our own awareness of these influences. hence I like to explore the psychological barriers, moral issues, religious beliefs, emotional influences and evoking these on 'The Participants’ images with a brief written text.

After confronting the viewer with an unwritten story, the ‘Participants’ aim is to make for awareness and create harmony around us.

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Paul Brotherton
3 years ago
Paul Brotherton Artist, Designer
Compliments on your artwork!
Flora Unicum
3 years ago
Flora Unicum Artist
Bellissimo progetto
Flora Unicum
3 years ago
Flora Unicum Artist
Complimenti per il tuo progetto.
Grazie per la preferenza.

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