Print, Symbol / Letter, Plants , Ideas, Architecture, Engraving, 35x35cm
Open bite etching, soft-ground, aquatint on Magnani Pescia paper, 35x35cm.

Using the vegetal realm as a suggestion and starting point, in this work I have developed an impalpable environment, an indefinite space in constant change where the various components are figments of strange methamorphosis and sometimes cross over from the organic dimension to a more mechanical configuration.
Some of these figures give the impression of a loss of structure and physicalness, as if they are crumbling and reducing to simple marks and smears.
Just like with a puzzle, I try to fit the various fragments within the surface while following their subtle and volatile flow.
I like to imagine these compositions as mental maps (since they are a series of engravings), where the disposition of the elements grabs our attention and leads us into unknown and unexplored subconscious territories.

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