Geografie fossili

Geografie fossili

Painting, Symbol / Letter, Nature, Landscape, Ideas, Mixed technique, 35x35cm
Experimental techniques, soft-ground, aquatint, etching on Magnani Pescia paper. 35x35cm.

For the creation of this piece I started from two important elements in the development of my work: the first reference is the organic world, more specifically the vegetal realm, which is subsequently transmuted into hybrid and embryonic figures.
Secondly I examine the concepts of mapping and constellations, as if we found ourselves staring at lost geographies.
From the union of these aspects a singular universe emerges, and the primeval shapes become coordinates for new spatial configurations.
It's like observing a galactic system, where the stellar debris is arranged in such a way that precise motions emerge within the celestial sphere, with the same continuities, gatherings and fragmentations.

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Francesca Alparone
3 years ago
bell'idea e straordinario il percorso concettuale che c'è dietro! Complimenti.

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