Sculpture, Memory, 17x21x17cm
Nerofumo is a reflection on the theme of passage afterlife, here described as the transformation of matter through combustion. Through the ritual of processing, each object is moved away from its current context and is relocated to a new space where time and usage assume a new connotation, becoming totems of memory.

Nerofumo represents a contemporary interpretation of the Bucchero technique, originally used by pre-Roman Etruscan population.
The black surface of the ceramics is achieved through a unique technique that requires a reduced supply of oxygen in the kiln firing. In this smoke-filled atmosphere due to the combustion of wood, the oxygen-starved flames drew oxygen molecules from the iron oxide of the pottery. During this process, the clay changes color from its natural red to black.

The swinging movement of the brass cover gives an “hypnotic effect” to the object which reminds of a totem suspended in time. As a guardian of secrets, the cover can be placed on top of ceramic vase to close it, thus creating an intimate relation with the user.

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