Pray For The Peace Of World

Pray For The Peace Of World

Our plan for this May 2016 is to photograph the largest Buddhist settlement in the world. Larung Gar Buddhist Academy located in the Larung Valley near the town of Sêrtar, Garzê Prefecture, Sichuan Province. There are more than 40,000 monks and nuns are segregated to study at the remote dwelling. However, the mission failed due to the restriction of China Government to allow foreigners to enter Sertar province.
Fortunately, we granted an interview with Lezhiduojie Rinpoche, the most respectable Living Buddha in Sertar and Zamtang County. A private ceremony is get on at a height of 4000m above the sea level. Lezhiduojie Rinpoche had personally hanging the Tibetan prayer frags, Streamer and spreading the “Chanting Paper” on the air for blessing the Peace of the world.
We changed our plan, and visited to Ya Qing Monastery. During the visit to Ya Qing Monastery, monks and believers were there for a dharma assembly. A woman was bringing her child, and looking a seat under the sun during the process of a ritual ceremony.
At Cengkesi monastery located in Zamtang County, A little monk felt shy when he tried passing the front of us. He moved fast by pushing the trolley with empty water buckets.

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