In the Realm of Chemistry [Web Corruption] | 2014

In the Realm of Chemistry [Web Corruption] | 2014

Digital Graphics, Architecture, Abstract geometrical, Generative graphics, 125x39.5x3cm
This collage diptych is part of a series made using original prints from the book 'In The Realm Of Chemistry' (1965). The book chronicles the first 100 years of the BASF chemical company, particularly the plant headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany.
My method of collage combines two equally sized images, specifically referencing the points in a video file where certain information can be removed to allow compression. These two points are called an iframe and a pframe and the loss of information can cause these frames to blend together. The source of this pattern is a crashed BBC iplayer. The collage was hand-made over a three month period.

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