After a visit to a body art exhibition, I started to wonder about woman's breast -- or bosom -- or boobies -- why does this particular part of body have some many names and receive so much attention (especially when it is bare)? What does it mean?

Blindfolded, I was showcasing a stack of printed paper in a mixed order, which is unknown to myself. Among them there are 30 different names of this feminine (why?) body part, found from a thesaurus dictionary, including British slangs, American slangs, Australian slangs, informal and inappropriate terms, making up to a motley world. Apart from these are some ambiguous instructions/statements.

I seem to be the ‘subject’ of the performance; however, giving up the subjectivity in deciding the sequence of words in this presentation, the meaning/interpretation of the piece becomes generated in each spectator’s mind. What do we talk about when we talk about it? The audience was welcome to laugh, to feel struck, to make up their own narrative, as I ruffled and fumbled.

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