Food chain - future Archaeology

Food chain - future Archaeology

Painting, Fantasy / Visionary, Oil, 100x155x5cm
Open George. Orwell's reader, the mind will emerge out of such a picture: rights group in the endless and never stops a production of all kinds of desires. In this beautiful city, I do not see a "phantom" and "prosthetics" Chengshan like the sea general from plastic surgery hospital to spread out. The interest chain of real estate properties like rubbish spread to every corner of the earth. People who stand in their own position overlooking the other animals, always put the vulnerable "other animals" in accordance with their own ideas to the intention or the meaning of the arrangement, or the implementation of. The large size of the animal was confined to the narrow confined space, then our heart suddenly produced a complex and stiff distortion. This sense of distortion comes from the wanton operation of the rights group, which is not reasonable! Some things become rational in the interests of the drive! Twisted thoughts devour the ignorant mind!

Art is a kind of observing the society, from the psychology, the point of view of history and culture of society, to re interpretation and reflection, the continuous thinking and exploration of the process. We should have the feelings of public intellectuals, moral, conscience and social responsibility. I hope can through art to guard home for the human soul, reveals the contemporary and disorder, filled with debris, ubiquitous social problems, and through the screen showing personal to modern human society, individual life, survival value of thinking, and the resulting psychological sense and mental state.

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