Sculpture, Emotion, Architecture, 100x160x300cm
"Sharp-pointed thorns.
It is a manifestation of its aggressiveness that it will not let others come near,
And a manifestation of its own weakness.
Aggressiveness and Weakness
When wrapped around in the two conflicting senses,
I feel like reaching out and touch the pain in spite of myself."

Toge (Japanese for thorn) is a modular product. Each "thorn" gives the viewer the impression of a sharp and stiff object, but these modules can in fact be freely combined to create a soft, pliable and standalone space. At DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2011, Emmanuelle arranged five hundred of these Toge modules in 15 different colors to form a wedding dress. This conceptual piece was an exercise in contradictory impressions and sensations - solid and stiff but soft and pliable, menacing yet gentle.

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