Appearance - Video Installation

Installation, Philosophy, Nature, Ideas, Video installation, 250x155x350cm
Appearance - Video Installation. Loop 10.06 min. 250x155x350cm. Portfolio film= 5.27 min
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An abstract Installation, shows an construction-concept for transience.
The installation consists of a (film) projection and two objects. The projection is divided in three parts. At the top is a projection of floating spawn, this was filmed (with a special device) in the water of a forest pond.
The bottom projection shows a big cobweb smoothly moving in the wind. These two parts are connected by a white, blank projection. Besides the projection is an old hollow concrete (Belgium) sewer pipe. The pipe has already lost its function. Three subtle traces are made on the floor using the sand and the rust that use to stick to the pipe. The traces lead to the projection. The sand and concrete tracks highlight the special connection between the film and sculpture.
'Das Ei des Künstlers' (Artists egg)

Besides identical tones in atmosphere and material the films and sculpture in this installation also shows great contrasts, reflecting the diversity of the chosen materials. There are strong visual similarities between the materials of concrete pole and the film with the cobwebs but they are absolute oposites in their meaning or “heaviness”. There are several poetic layers in this work because there is no concrete or narrative images in it. It is only identical ‘tones’ of materials and colors with contrasting materials. The two projections are filmed seperatly and added as is.

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