the objects of fashion | the fashion of objects

=== background
Investigating the casual encounters and interactions of logically-independent objects which strive to exist on their own but are, nevertheless, at the mercy of their interactions and inseparable from their cultural continuum...

=== rationale
The synopsis: ‘...a cinematic record of quasi-artifacts moving in, around and between a natural/cultural divide. Individual items come and go, jostling for center stage position. Witness close encounters, casualties, a mutation...’

The setting: pushing in through a burnt-red portal reveals a continual, agitated procession of Morandi-like objects. Their hectic encounters take place in front of a runway-style backdrop of haute couture.

The action: high profile cast members appear, naturally, in front of the camera while lesser actants exist on the margins. Accidents happen. In one, a leading star is altered while the minor player involved fades away unnoticed. The mutated character then hastily departs, exit stage-right.

The ending: the posturing continues oblivious to the fate of some. New performers arrive as the finale of this socio-cultural diorama looms. But there is only one outtake - a reminder that popular taste can be fickle. What’s in fashion one day may be out the next.

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