Difusors / Skin project

Difusors / Skin project

On several occasions in my work I have conducted my research around the “Time” – from different points of view, but understanding it always as an element that causes changes in our physical reality or in our memory. Always fixing my attention on its action on the elements, especially on the overlooked objects, those that are around us without much importance given to them. This time, my research led me to a secondary concept, which is directly related with the “Time” and “Space” – the “Absence”. Concept that, to me, is very important nowadays. Since, currently, after living in abundance, many suffer from the absence of what they no longer have. Now we are well aware that we have lost something and, thus, we can better understand this concept.
I have developed this project from two opposite positions that, I believe, to be the most used today and in all the media – As defined by Michel Foucault in Le Courage de la Vérité, Parrhêsia (Parresia, speaking frankly) and its opposite (Rhetoric) are the starting points for this project: working between these two opposites, to generate a set of uncertainties, and ambiguities. "...In order to have parrhêsia is necessary that, while telling the truth, one face the risk of offending the other, the risk of his anger, of his rage ..." and "... the practice of parrhêsia is the complete opposite of what is, after all, the art of the rhetoric.” Here it is necessary to define the opposite of the honest man that is the rhetorical man, the one that uses the rhetoric: “That man who may say much more than he thinks in order to make others believe it is true”.
From these two positions - disguises, opposite skins – I have found a similar way to compose and to produce the works of this exhibition, such as Stephane Mallarme has defined the two types of words: the “crude word” and the “essential word” – giving to these works, these same essences, in order to find the ambiguity that emerge from all of them.

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