Package in space

Animation, Philosophy, Minimal, Ideas, Abstract geometrical, Motion graphics, 1280x720cm
Package in space
Minimalist Short (Contemporary Video)

There is the time
There is space
There is the core of life
Behind the time

The package revolves around its own timeline.
Through the visible movement in time and space, the package transformed to ammonites and a cochlea.
The package is an unexploded "Cubic Kanonenschlag" from the last New Year festival.
"Cubic Kanonenschlag" is a thickset firecrackers in cube form, which explodes after ignition with a particularly dull thud. Currently, they are among the firecrackers loudest available.
The audio is a blunt monotone sound.
should the same one ear noise for a blast trauma that brings among other noises such as noise or hum with it. The soundtrack is also used to gain a weightless flying object with undetermined destination.

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