Art Collection

Art Collection

Art Collection is a residence project supported by Jeune Création Européenne in Montrouge (Paris), it's a collection of business cards, gathered during three months.
The work reflects on the institutional art theory by George Dickie. According to the philosopher, an artwork is such as long as it is recognized by the art community, the Artworld Dickie says. Similarly, we can state that the artist is such if it is a member of the art community.
This equation is very similar to what nowadays happens with social networks where people are often valued based on the number of contacts they own. People exist as long as they are active on social networks. In other terms, the network represents us and this seems to be true now more than ever.
During my staying I have met artists, curators, gallery owners and art professionals in general (the artworld) to exchange with them my visiting/business card.
The set of all the elements has created a work of art with installative character.

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Antonio Mercadante
3 years ago
Chi è creativo stabilisce un rapporto ambiguo con la realtà che lo circonda in quanto, anche se facente parte di essa, ne modifica l'intensità creando mondi, suoni,forme che altrimenti non esisterebbero quindi... in qualche modo le disobbedisce. Un po' come un ragazzino che al contrario di quanto gli dica la mamma prende la sua bici e va alla scoperta...

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