Painting, Abstract informal, Mixed technique, 1000x250x2cm
The irrational present state of the world is very tedious and boring for me , I; m not able to find out a new way to create . Nowaday, what is surprising for me? And waht inspired to my own works? Not only the faith of the Christianity but also the islalism , so to speak almost religions are only seeds of resources of fighting hatefully each other , alliring the terrorism , rather than cure the agony of the peoples in all over the worls basically. Art itself is probably is powerless. you know. Nowaday, probably something which happened actually is stimulated for anybody rather than the imagination worls just like the art. The purpose and the theme of the work of this time which I had made on this time had been derived from the fact which had been actualized recemtly surrounding me. as you know, Japan is a rare coutry different from any other foreigm coutries where the earthquake would had been often occurred in there. I wanna express, sublimating my anger to the present world , to black humors as one of the entertainments let someone to view them in oder to afford them a solace as many as possible. taking the place of the decaded religion which would had ruled , mind-controlled the peoples by ideology.

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